RAIZED Community

A RAIZED Community consists of local missionaries of all ages gathering weekly in homes, workplaces, businesses, schools, etc. We support and encourage one another as we live all-out on mission with Jesus.

RAIZED Transformation Groups

RAIZED Transformation Groups are 2-3 women or 2-3 men that meet weekly to pursue life transformation together.  The groups are committed to reading Scripture, to prayer, and to sharpening one another for Christ-like living.


Our 5th-12th graders gather weekly to support and encourage one another as they live all-out with Jesus.  In addition, they participate in impact events, retreats, and short-term mission trips.  Every two years, there is an opportunity to celebrate another faith milestone.  The milestones are Life in the Word (6th grade), Life in the Cross (8th grade), Life in Service (10th grade), and Life in Mission (12th grade).